Boost your earnings with TraderDAO!

Boost your earnings with TraderDAO!

Maverick, the Founder of TraderDAO and TradeGDT, invites our readers to join DAO Community and try themselves in trading using AI!

What are the advantages of your TradeGDT? Why is it better than other trading bots that use AI?

M: TradeGDT is an AI trading brain that will assist traders in their trading and also identify trading pattern of traders with combination of market data to provide traders with trading assistance. I would say that TradeGDT which stand for Trading Generative Data Transformer will constantly study and generate from on going and current data where it is always at the very instant of the current market. The other advantage over other could be that TradeGDT is closely tie to TraderDAO which as a DAO, it will benefit the DAO community and work to the community best interests.

What rewards for traders who put efforts in contributing and provide data with tokens are revealed?

M: At every trade, a real yield back token $POT is rewarded to the traders via Proof of trade token minting mechanism. This token does not have pre-hold nor pre-sale where it is only minted when trading is done, and fee rebate receive to back the $POT token. 

What new model of governance and collaboration do you offer to your consumers as a DAO?

M: As a DAO, we will have a governance token $HOT, where it will be use as a governance token for suggesting and voting of TraderDAO function and features. Also $HOT will be deeply rooted in all TraderDAO and TradeGDT feature and function as a fuel or gas fee token.

Is it compulsory for platform users to trade daily for minting $POT tokens? What happens with $POT tokens  if a user couldn’t access the platform one day?

M: It is not say to be compulsory for user to trade daily, but in order to mint $POT, they will need to trade. As $POT is real yield backed, they can always swap it on TraderDAO and get USDT direct, or holders can swap it in the secondary market on DEX which currently listed on Camelot.

Does your platform warn its users of NON-farm days or important events in the crypto sphere that may affect the process of trading?

M: First before TradeGDT AI mature to assist traders, in TraderDAO discord, we have partner with a Trading Academy where the gurus from the Trading Academy will provide some guidance and as a TraderDAO, traders are constantly active in sharing their view with the community.

What trading pairs are available on your Trading Platform? Are $POT also in these pairs? 

M: Currently we are partnering Bybit where trading is done on Bybit with an account generated from TraderDAO. So whichever pair that is present on Bybit is available for TraderDAO traders to trade. $POT is not a trading pairs in Bybit.

Do you have any Academy or courses for your users which would help them to deal with the variety of AI trading tools on the Platform (AI Cybo Trade, AI Market Dynamic, etc.)?

M: We are in partnership with a Trading Academy (Tradveller) where the gurus from Tradveller will first guide the community on trading and TraderDAO moderators will guide and assist community further on the trading tools in hand.

What are the chances that TradeGDT would offer the wrong trading trend and a user will lose all his assets? How safe is it to rely entirely on TradeGDT?

M: For now I will say that this question is hard to answer as our TradeGDT has yet to be release, with time then it will be proven. As it is at the best intention that what TradeGDT learn from the trading data contributed by traders and from the market will better assist and provide traders with a more confident support.

In your social media you have announced some exciting updates soon! Can you share with us your plans for the nearest future?

M: As mention base on the total trading volume generated, the first model of TradeGDT AI trading brain will be release soon, I will say stay tune for more updates to come.