Buy Artifacts and invest in positive impact with Artizen!

Buy Artifacts and invest in positive impact with Artizen!

René Pinnell, the Co-founder of Artizen, invites our readers to buy Artifacts and thus support new projects at science, technology, art and design!

Who has the right to vote for the projects for Artizen Official Selection? How likely is it to boost up votes by the projects themselves?

R: Artifacts give you the power to vote for project submissions. The more Artifacts you own, the greater your voting power. Each season, submissions are reviewed based on our Curation Guidelines and the projects with the most votes are curated for our Official Selection.

How many seasons can one project participate in Artizen? If a project or creator wasn’t selected by you in one season, could he try himself again the next season?

R: There is no limit to the number of times the same project can be curated for the Artizen Fund. In fact, we actively encourage past winners to resubmit the same project if they need more funding. And yes, if your project is not selected for a given season we actively encourage you to resubmit. 

How many projects/developers do you select for rewards every season?

R: Each season we experiment with different size cohorts in our Official Selection. But the average is 30 projects curated for our Official Selection each season. 

How many projects do you award: only one per each season or one reward per each field of human life (art, science, technology etc.)?

R: Projects in our Official Selection raise money by selling Artifacts, 90% of which goes directly to the creator with the remaining 10% going to Artizen's community treasury. Each Artifact sale also unlocks additional match funding, the amount of which is determined by how many Artifacts a project sells in proportion to the total number of Artifacts sold across all projects as well as the total amount of pooled Mach Funds for the season. Finally, if a project sells more Artifacts than any other project they receive a cash prize equal to 20% of the pooled Match Funds. To make things more concrete, successful creators on our platform raise between $5,000 to $50,000 per season. 

The representatives of what continents/countries can participate in your project?

R: Our community is very global. About 30% is in North America, 30% in Europe, and the rest is spread out over the rest of the world. 

Do all your Artifacts have the same fixed prize of 0.01 ETH and are of equal value in Artizen? Are you going to propose some unique Artifacts of higher price?

R: All Artifacts cost the same .01 ETH when purchased from projects in competition. However, on the secondary market Artifacts value is based on market demand. All Artifacts have the exact same utility, however, because they have different artworks associated with different projects we expect the value to be different between one Artifact and the next. 

Artifacts link value to impact, similar to how NFTs generate value for digital art. The amount of positive impact a project has on the world determines the value of an Artifact. The greater the impact, the more valuable the Artifact.

For example, imagine a research project that makes a significant breakthrough in material science. Their Artifact could simply be a math equation scribbled in the margins of a notebook. But if the project ends up transforming how the world produces energy then we would expect their Artifact to appreciate in value.

What other organizations except Microsoft and the Cannes Film Festival are now the sponsors of the Artizen Fund? 

R: Protocol Labs, Funding the Commons, HP, Unity Technologies, and the Tribeca Film Festival have all sponsored Artizen. 

Can you name the new rising creators/projects that have already won your Rewards? 

- Evolver 

- Spheres

- Breath

- Kusunda

- Battlescar

- Traces

- The Last Gatekeeper

- Matinino

- Afro Algorythms