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We are delighted to welcome you to Chancer, the world’s first social predictive markets platform complete with live streaming.Chancer offers a distinctive opportunity for token holders to create and participate in their own fun markets with friends and the wider social markets community.

Whether you’re interested in predicting the outcome of a sports game, election or any other event, Chancer presents the opportunity to create a market for it and invite others to participate. Moreover, you can set your market’s rules and rewards for accurate predictions. As a $CHANCER token holder, you can not only create markets but take a chance on markets created by others. In addition, by holding $CHANCER tokens, you possess a direct stake in our platform’s success and the markets created within it.
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About Chancer

Welcome to Chancer, the pioneering Web3 peer-topeer (P2P) custom betting platform that comes complete with live streaming. Allow us to introduce ourselves as Adam and Paul, the minds behind this remarkable venture.

Picture Chancer as the Bet365 of the blockchain generation—an immersive custom market ecosystem where individuals worldwide, including yourself, can indulge in the extraordinary opportunity to create, engage in, and profit from their own markets alongside friends and the wider Web3 betting community.

What sets Chancer apart is its commitment to decentralisation and transparency. We've developed a platform that truly empowers users like you to design and personalise P2P markets in real-time, based on your interests, expertise, and social connections. At Chancer, we firmly believe in putting the power in your hands, the hands of the bet-makers!

Whether you fancy predicting the outcome of a sports event, an election, or any other captivating occurrence, you can now create your very own P2P market on Chancer. Set the market's odds, rules, and rewards for accurate predictions, and invite your fellow Chancers to join in on the excitement.

What's even more impressive is that you can stream your Chancer activities straight from your phone, no matter where you find yourself. Watch as your custom markets unfold and catch the attention of other enthusiastic Chancers looking for their chance to shine.

As a holder of $CHANCER tokens, you become an integral part of the Chancer platform's success and the markets it houses. These tokens not only grant you the ability to create markets but also provide an opportunity to invest in markets created by other individuals. By holding $CHANCER tokens, you have a direct stake in our platform's triumph.

We wholeheartedly believe that our decentralised platform possesses the potential to revolutionise how people create betting markets, make predictions, and incentivise accurate foresight in the vibrant Web3 realm we inhabit. It's an exciting prospect, one that invites you to be a key player in shaping the future of community-led Web3 betting.

Join us at Chancer today and seize your part in this incredible journey. Together, we'll pave the way for a new era of betting that's transparent, engaging, and rewarding. Let's make predictions, reap the rewards, and propel Chancer to new heights!

Chancer aims to establish itself as the destination for all social and predictive markets on the move. Chancer wants to make social and predictive market bets easy, accessible, and fun. No need to go into a betting shop, no need to play a 'house always wins' game. It’s about P2P betting that is shareable and hosted in Web3.

Chancer will be the very first truly decentralised platform that supports social markets, predictions, and the ability to live stream your market for others to watch and take a chance on.


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Adam Kelbie
Paul Kelbie

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Paul Kelbie
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Revolutionising the betting industry.
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