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Jul 3, 2023

NFTouring: A Blockchain-Based Online Racing Game

I. Introduction to NFTouring

What is NFTouring?

NFTouring is an online racing game that utilizes blockchain technologies to provide a unique experience for its players. The gameplay focuses on managing a deck of cards, allowing players to overcome various obstacles on the tracks. Players can create their own decks by choosing from a wide variety of cards and participate in races on tracks located in different parts of the world.

II. Uses and Mechanisms of the NFTR Token

What are the uses of the $NFTR token?
Stage 2
Apr 16, 2023
Jun 1, 2023
100% completed
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  • 1 NFTR
    0.03 EUR
Stage 1
Mar 22, 2023
Apr 15, 2023
100% completed
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Stage 3
Feb 6, 2023
Sep 1, 2023
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Token Details
Total supply
4 000 000 000
Token Distribution
N°1 :
A first level of sale at 0.010
cts/token for private buyers with a
minimum investment of 1000€
and a ceiling of 20 000€ with 2%
TGE, lock-up 12 months, then linear
18 months.
HARD C/P: 160 000 000 NFTR

A second level of sale at 0.03
cts/token for public buyers with a
minimum investment of 500€ and a
ceiling of 10 000€ with 10% TGE,
lock-up 6 months, then linear 18
HARD C/P: 320 000 000 NFTR

A third level of sale at 0.05
cts/token for public buyers with a
minimum investment of 100€ and
a ceiling of 5000€ 10% TGE, lock-
up 6 months, then linear 18months.
HARD C/P: 320 000 000 NFTR
Accepted Currencies
Min Contribution
Company Details
Registered Company Name
Registered Country
Company Founded
Jun 1, 2021
Additional Details


What are the uses of the $NFTR token?

The uses of the $NFTR token within the NFTouring game are numerous and varied, providing players with an enriched and engaging gaming experience. Here are some of the main uses of the $NFTR token:

Purchasing special cards: Players can use the $NFTR tokens to purchase special cards that will help them improve their performance in races and customize their card deck.

Accessing exclusive features: The $NFTR token can be used to unlock exclusive features and perks within the game, such as vehicle skins, special tracks, or limited-time events.

Participating in events and competitions: The $NFTR tokens can be used to take part in special events or competitions organized by NFTouring, where players can earn additional rewards.

Buying and selling NFTs: The NFTouring NFT marketplace allows players to buy and sell NFTs, such as cards or other in-game collectibles, using the $NFTR token as the exchange currency.

Earning rewards: Players can earn $NFTR tokens by winning races, achieving specific goals, or participating in promotional events.

Staking and liquidity pools: $NFTR token holders can also stake their tokens or provide them to liquidity pools to earn passive rewards and support the platform.

In summary, the $NFTR token plays a central role in the economy and gaming experience of NFTouring, offering players various opportunities to use and interact with the digital currency to enhance their gaming experience and support the platform.

What is the mechanism of the $NFTR token?

The $NFTR token is the native cryptocurrency of the game, used to purchase special cards or access exclusive features. Players can earn NFTR by winning races or selling cards on the NFT marketplace.

III. The Uniqueness of NFTouring

How is NFTouring unique?
NFTouring stands out due to its use of blockchain and NFTs to create an immersive and engaging racing game experience. Players can customize their card decks and participate in strategic races on various tracks while utilizing the NFTR cryptocurrency to enhance their performance.

IV. Technologies Used by NFTouring

What technologies are used by NFTOURING?

NFTouring utilizes several key technologies to support its platform:

Polygon Network: The game is built on the Polygon blockchain, providing fast and low-cost transactions.
Unity Graphic Engine: Unity is used to create high-quality graphics and immersive gaming experiences.
Google Cloud: The Google Cloud network is utilized for hosting and managing the platform's online resources.

V. Problem Solved by NFTouring

What problem does NFTOURING solve?

NFTouring addresses the challenge of creating an innovative and engaging racing game experience by using blockchain technology and NFTs. Players can enjoy a unique and competitive racing experience while having the opportunity to earn and use the NFTR cryptocurrency to enhance their gaming experience.
VI. Competitive Advantages of NFTouring

What are the competitive advantages of NFTouring?
The competitive advantages of NFTouring include:

An immersive and engaging racing game experience
The use of blockchain and NFTs to create a dynamic in-game economy
A customizable card deck system for in-depth racing strategy
The integration of the NFTR cryptocurrency to encourage players to participate and invest in the game

VII. Revenue Streams of NFTouring

What are the revenue streams of NFTOURING?

The revenue streams for NFTouring primarily come from the sale of special cards and exclusive features purchased with the NFTR cryptocurrency. NFT transactions and race participation can also generate revenue for the platform. In addition, partnerships with advertisers and sponsored events can create additional revenue sources to support the ongoing development of NFTouring.

VIII. Tokenomics of NFTouring

Tokenomics Overview

The NFTouring tokenomics comprises a total market cap of 4 billion tokens, distributed across various categories to ensure sustainable growth and development of the platform. The allocation is as follows:

20% (800 million tokens) for the ICO: These tokens are allocated for the initial coin offering to attract investors and raise funds for the platform's development.
10% (400 million tokens) for marketing: These tokens are reserved for promotional activities, advertising, and user acquisition strategies.
5% (200 million tokens) for the team: These tokens are allocated to the NFTouring team members as incentives and rewards for their hard work and dedication.
5% (200 million tokens) for advisors: These tokens are reserved for industry experts and advisors who provide guidance and support for the project.
30% (1.2 billion tokens) for reserves and usages: These tokens are set aside for platform reserves and other uses, such as future expansions, partnerships, or contingencies.
12% (480 million tokens) for development: These tokens are allocated for research, development, and improvement of the platform's features and infrastructure.
12% (480 million tokens) for rewards: These tokens are designated for rewarding users, such as through in-game incentives, events, or competitions.
6% (240 million tokens) for liquidity and pools: These tokens are allocated to provide liquidity for the NFTR token and support the platform's token pools.
The tokenomics of NFTouring ensure a balanced distribution of tokens, promoting long-term sustainability and growth for the platform while providing incentives and support for its community, team, and stakeholders.

In conclusion, NFTouring is an innovative online racing game that utilizes blockchain technology and NFTs to provide a unique and engaging gaming experience for its players


  • 1st semester 2022

  • Development of the concept
    Prototyping of the social
  • July / August 2022

  • Prototyping of the video game
    Elaboration of the economic model
  • September 2022

  • Launching the communication of the project
    Development of the tokenomics
    Integration of advisors
    Graphic design development
  • END OF 2022

  • Launch of the NFT Genesis campaign
    Creation of the private community
    Development of the Smart Contract
    Launch of the website
    Sale of Private Driver License
  • Read More
  • 1st quarter 2023

  • Launch of the communication
    Launch of the beta tests for the
    owners of the game
    Genesis and NFTs Gaming S1
    Creation of the in-app
    Launch of the ICO
    Launch of the "GOLD" license
  • 2nd quarter 2023

  • Presentation of the new modes
    Launch of the Genesis Cup
    New Genesis Calendar
  • 3rd quarter 2023

  • Introducing the new modes
    New Genesis calendar
    Sale and airdrops of NFTs S2
    Launch of landing and car rental.
  • 2024

  • Development of the metaverse,
    the social network and much
    more to come...


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Emmanuel Beguier
Maxime Sikli
Cyril Marcq
Belgacem Kirchaoui
Kylian Marcq
UI/UX Designer
Jean Gal
Blockchain Developer
Gilles Marcoult
Talented Game Designer

NFTOURING Interviews

As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Je suis Cyril Marcq, expert en communication et accompagnement web3 au sein du projet NFTouring. Je possède plusieurs agences spécialisées où, avec mes équipes, j'accompagne les plus grandes entreprises et les plus grands projets dans cet incroyable univers.

Within the NFTouring project, my role involves overseeing and implementing effective communication strategies to promote the project and its objectives. With my expertise in web3, I also assist the team in navigating the constantly evolving world of blockchain and decentralized technologies. I work closely with other team members to ensure the project achieves its goals and realizes its potential.
What do you think about idea?
I am thrilled to be a part of the NFTouring project, as I firmly believe it is an outstanding project for several reasons:

Technological innovation: NFTouring leverages blockchain and NFT technologies to provide a unique and groundbreaking online racing game experience. This innovative approach creates a competitive, customizable, and secure gaming environment.
Growth potential: The video game and NFT market is booming, and NFTouring is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this growth. By combining the two worlds, NFTouring has the potential to become a major player in the gaming industry.
Community engagement: NFTouring aims to build a strong and committed community around its project. Players can interact, exchange strategies, and participate in online events, thus enhancing user engagement and loyalty.
Monetization and tokenization: Through the use of NFTs, NFTouring offers players the ability to own, buy, and sell unique digital assets, such as cars, accessories, and customization elements. This creates a dynamic market and monetization opportunities for players.
Experienced team: The NFTouring project is backed by a talented and experienced team, who have a deep understanding of the video game market, blockchain technologies, and NFTs. This ensures the project is well-managed and has the best chances of success.
For all these reasons, I am convinced that NFTouring is a promising and exciting project, and I am delighted to be involved in its development and growth.
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